Waterford Lakefield 1.1 Irish Single Malt

In the lee of Bishopswood, once witness to the macabre spectacle of a bishop's hanging, Lakefield Farm, east of Durrow, Co. Laois, stands on undulated lowlands farmed by the enigmatic Seamus Duggan – winner of our Barley Grower of the Year Trophy for his 2019 barley crop. Derived from limestone & sandstone these well-drained, deep loam soils of the Elton series consistently produce exceptional barley quality.

The nose provides a warm custard, bread baking, red apple, milk chocolate, dried butter cream, pine needles. It reminds me of waiting to eat a rhubarb & apple tart fresh from the oven with custard & cream to hand.

A gentle taste of clove to start that leads into proving bread & malted biscuits in the middle a pepperiness. The finish meanders along like a tributary to the start of a great river.

ABV: 50%

Volume: 70cl

Region: Irish