Waterford Hook Head 1.1 Irish Single Malt

  • £76.95

The lighthouse at Hook Head stands resolute against the full force of the Atlantic Ocean on Ireland’s southern coast, 10 miles from the distillery – so close that Oliver Cromwell vowed to take Waterford 'by hook or by crook' in the 17th century. In its shadow, Martin Foley grows barley on clay/loam soils derived from limestone, belonging to the Elton series. Exposed to the full range of salt-laden storms, sea mists & ocean breezes, it’s an extreme maritime terroir.

The nose provides an earthy maltiness & fresh soil, citrus peel, breadcrust, white pepper & milk chocolate. This leads to a spice bomb up front with cloves, white pepper, salted caramel, liquorice, ginger biscuits, lemon zest, & chilli chocolate.The finish becomes dry but it leaves a lasting oiliness that holds the spiciness for a long time.

ABV: 50%

Volume: 70cl

Region: Irish