Waterford Cuvee Irish Single Malt

  • £78.95

This unprecedented spectrum of flavours must now reach its crescendo: we have celebrated & explored the singles; now we produce our more immersive concept album. For layered together inthis cerebral fusion of flavours, these component Waterford Whiskies come together, culminating in our ultimate experience: textured, complex & compelling.

The Cuvée, a synthesis of Single Farm Origins, an enigmatic gestalt, a milestone in our journey. The definitive Waterford Whisky. Our LodeStar.

The nose provides red apples, fresh dry soil, breadcrust, green foliage, lavender, fresh mint, & coffee cake. This needs a taste of smoothness of clove sweets, white pepper, lemon zest, dark chocolate & dry toast, cherries. The finish provides a pepper up front with oily spiciness that softens, starts dry but then gets mouth-watering & lingers.

ABV: 50%

Volume: 70cl

Region: Irish