O'Donnell Moonshine Christmas Advent Calendar

This years O'Donnell Advent Calendar has been taken to a whole new level for you in 2023.

Even more varieties and spirits than last year, a new flavour unlike any other Moonshine, and exclusive products that will enhance your moonshine enjoyment.

In this year's Advent Calendar, you can look forward to more flavours than ever before - Tough Nut (25% vol.), Wild Berry (25% vol.), Very Cherry (20% vol.), Sticky Toffee (25% vol.), Macadamia (20% vol.), Roasted Apple (20% vol.), Cookie (20% vol.), Blood Orange (20% vol.), Passion Fruit (20% vol.) and the brand new variety Tough Nut Cream (17% vol. ), O'Donnell's first cream Moonshine in a black Mason Jar!

It goes far beyond just drinking, look forward to - 1x Branded Jigger, 1x brand new O'Donnell hat, 1x Roasted Almonds, 1x Tumbler Glass, 2x Whiskey Stones, 3x Darts, 1x Leather Mug and 3x Dice, 1x Drinking Lid (upcycling), 1x Voucher worth at least £10 and the chance to win up to £100.

Enjoy & Happy Christmas.