Moonshine & Fuggles Kings Coronation Gin

Made in the 100 litre pot still 'Doris' at the West Midlands Distillery, this wonderful dry gin has a base of juniper, corriander seed, angelica root and liquorice root along with tellicherry pepper. This is then combined with 2 exquisite Himalayan White Rose Teas giving a wonderful tannin flavour from the tea and a light hint of rose, along with Cherry Blossom and Primrose Flower found within Ironbridge. The gin is rounded off with Elderflower and Blue Mallow flower making the 'Kings Corontaion Gin' an appropriate tipple for the stately occasion!

Contributions from this bottle will go towards planting a tree in the Gorge next to the one we planted for The Queen.

ABV: 43%