Moonshine & Fuggles Gorge Trail Gin

Lavender from The Lavender Farm in Newport, honey from Broseley Bees along with lemon and other botanicals such as juniper, cardamon, angelica root & liquorice fuse together to make the most astonishing gin. However, this batch 3 provides several floral notes of meadow flowers including lime from the 'Common Lime' tree which is found at the bee hives in Much Wenlock, that’s the influence of the trail of the bees in the Gorge. This is a different gin to batch 1 & 2 due to the new season honey. It is an amazingly smooth, light, summer flavoursome gin served with Fevertree Light tonic. Donations from each batch are made to Broseley Bees for the preservation of our local bee communities.

ABV: 43%

Volume: 70cl