MacNair's Unpeated Exploration Rum

  • £56.95

Master Blender Billy Walker sourced high, low and medium ester spirit. Initially filled to a mixture of American and French oak at 86% ABV, the rum was left to mature for 30 months at each ester level. The spirit was then reduced to 69% ABV and re-filled to a similar cohort of oak casks to complete its maturation journey. Using his half century of experience, Billy then expertly blended the rum to craft a complex and rich, yet delightfully fruity expression. The double maturation experience, at relatively cool temperatures, allows the rum to be presented to the oak casks at two different ‘solution characteristics’ and deliver a rich and velvet spectrum of flavours.

The nose bursts with tropical fruits, vanilla and orchard fruits, with golden syrup, strawberry coulis and butterscotch. The palate has layers of honey, pineapple and plantains, with dried banana chips, grapefruit and cinnamon.

ABV: 46%

Volume 70cl