Indri Dru Cask Strength Single Malt Indian Whisky

  • £79.95

Indri, a renowned Indian single malt brand, presents 'Dru', a cask strength single malt whisky. Drú is matured in bourbon casks under the intense northern plains of India, a factor that significantly enhances its maturation process. This unique ageing, influenced by the region's dramatic temperatures, imbues the whisky with a distinct character. Bottled to capture the essence of its cask profile and natural ageing conditions, Drú boasts a robust 57.2% ABV. No added colour and is non-chill-filtered, ensuring an unadulterated and full-bodied flavour experience. This luxury cask strength whisky is a true testament to the art of Indian single malt production & offers a taste that is as authentic.

ABV: 57.2%

Volume: 70cl

Region: Indian