Garonelles Sauternes 35.5cl

  • £15.95

Made from intense, naturally sweet grapes that have undergone noble rot. Harvesting is very delicate and is entrusted to an experienced team. The grapes must be picked by successive berry selection, each time taking only those affected by the famous Botrytis Cinerea which concentrates the sugars.

A rigorous sorting process is undergone to ensure only the best fruit is used. Vinification: The must ferments in casks, an ancestral technique that facilitates optimal temperature control. Maturation for one year in barrels.

This elegant Sauternes dessert wine, heady with pineapple and mango, the tropicality finely balanced with citrus. Perfect with puddings, blue cheeses, foie gras, cheesecake, or sorbet.

Grape Varieties: Semillon - 100%

Country & Region: France & Bordeaux

ABV: 13%

Volume: 35.5cl

Wine Type: White (Dessert)