Distinct No. 57 British Proof Strength White Rum 70cl

  • £44.95

In the 1800’s, the ‘proof’ of a good rum was determined by mixing it with gunpowder and setting it alight - if it would burn, there was your ‘proof’. In 1816, the British Government accurately measured this point and declared that a spirit could only be 100 degrees proof at 57.14%.

DISTINCT No. 57 is a Proof Strength British Rum of unmatched distinction, combining the smoothness of an aged rum with the subtle sweetness of a white rum. Fermented and distilled from carefully sourced molasses and selective cuts made to provide a robust character that adds depth and intensity to the drinking experience. The higher strength allows the authentic Rum flavours to shine through but with an unexpected smoothness reflective of a refined, high quality spirit. 

Layers of complex flavours underpinned with a sweet yet well balanced profile with prominent notes of caramel and vanilla. A luxurious mouth feel and a gentle warming finish make this a perfect spirit sipped on ice. 

ABV: 57%

Volume: 70cl