Distinct No. 41 Gold Spiced Rum 70cl

  • £41.95

Inspired by our distillery’s history as a secret underground fuel depot, built in 1941, our Gold Spiced Rum is a story where old meets new and tradition combines with innovation to create a seamless combination of sweetness, spice and complexity     creating a refined Spiced Rum distinctive in both flavour and appearance. 

Our custom fermentation sees the finest molasses blended with our unique yeast recipe and heat application for maximum flavour and enhanced ester development. A modern, energy efficient hybrid-distillation process then strikes the perfect balance between purity and flavour selecting only the premium cuts which are then infused with delicate spices. 

A complex combination of sweetness and spice, with notes of caramel, toffee and a hint of cinnamon. Golden in appearance, this is a smooth, refined profile with a warming finish, perfect for sipping neat on ice or pairing with your favourite mixer. 

ABV: 41%

Volume: 70cl