Aval Dor Distiller's Cut Gin

  • £46.95

Crafted from scratch at Colwith Farm, by distillers Steve Dustow & Jordan Gilbert, this expressive gin is a culmination of everything we've learnt about distillation since launching our incredible plough to bottle spirits journey in 2018.

Every drop of knowledge gathered during 20,000 hours of distilling is present in this specially designed bottle of gin. From selecting the perfect potato for the base spirit, cooking, fermenting and distilling in optimal conditions, sourcing the world’s finest botanicals and marrying an array of distilling techniques to produce a gin unlike any other.

Freshly macerated piney juniper smacks the palate up front, complemented by rich and warming coriander spice. Subtle citrus sweetness follows, owed to fresh lemon verbena and orange peel. Fragrant pink pepper spice adds further complexity, all brought together harmoniously by sweet almond creaminess and bitter angelica root.

ABV: 50%

Volume: 50cl