Penrhos Wonky Raspberry Gin

  • £41.95

Introducing the new wonky raspberry gin. Deliciously colourful, this limited edition spirit helped to reduce food waste on the Penrhos farm in Herefordshire over the summer, as farmers struggled to shift berries and fresh fruit. Every bottle has 100grams of raspberries.

This incredibly versatile raspberry gin has the fresh and fruity kick of raspberry perfectly paired with a light tonic, garnished with raspberries and mint. Also, freeze any left over raspberries for your next G&T.

Penrhos have made the discision to moved into aluminium sustainable, 100% recyclable gin bottles. Aluminium is lighter than glass bottles resulting in reduced fuel usage when transporting. Aluminium recycling uses on average 90% less energy than glass bottles

Re-use the bottle until you are ready recycle it. Please do not put in the dish washer to clean.

ABV: 40%

Volume: 70cl