Ludlow Single Malt English Whisky

The spirit is carefully poured into an American single-use, ex-bourbon barrel. It’s here that the spirit adopts its gentle oaky flavour; we don't completely fill the barrel, allowing the spirit to breathe and develop a better flavour. We double cask mature: after some time, the spirit is transferred into a previously used single malt Scottish whisky barrel for finishing, which softens the oaky bourbon notes and allows a little more of a comfortable rest in the final stages of ageing. Only when it’s perfectly ready do we gently water it down with purified water from the Welsh marches, then gently non-chill filter to our hearty house strength of 42%. After such care and attention, we lovingly bottle, wrap and box by hand. 

This medium-bodied with fragrant notes of heather-honey, malt, a subtle hint of butterscotch and crème caramel, balanced with a touch of peatiness.

ABV: 42%

Volume: 70cl