Lindores The Cask of Lindores STR Wine Barrique

The second “Casks of Lindores” bottling features exclusively STR Wine Barriques, one of the three core cask types used at Lindores. Matured exclusively in Shaved, Toasted and Recharred Red Wine Barriques from Spain. This Lindores Single Malt is bottled onsite at our unique Limited-Edition strength of 49.4% ABV. 

The colour provides a dark chestnut based on the of the red wine Barrique barrels. The nose gives a warming mellow fruity apricot jam, toffee notes and a hint of cinnamon combined with butter and custard. On the palate provides sweet and spices. Mellow plums and red berries, treacle, cinnamon spice and a pleasant woody smoky note.

Year: 2018

ABV: 49.4%

Volume: 70%

Region: Lowland