B Rum - White Rum 5cl

  • £6.95

Born in the Caribbean, being produced and distilled in Wooden Stills in Guyana and then being re-distilled in the heart of the West Midlands, in our Copper Stills Doris and Lenny; a stone’s throw from the Canal that made the Black Country and Birmingham region thrive. This historic waterway, the lifeblood of our proud region adorns our B Rum bottle, beautifully mapping out our historic network. The map, originally being drawn in the 70's by an ex surveyor and used as the first Map of our wonderful "Bigger Venice", Lockmaster Maps have kindly let us use their Map of our region and a percentage of each sale goes towards that. Our Signature White Rum is wonderfully light and smooth, from our slow secondary distillation, so much so that a Sipping White Rum is definitely an option here! With highlights of tropical flavours from: Mango, Pineapple and Passion Fruit: echoing the vibrancy of our great region. Perfectly paired with clear mixers or use to give a tropical edge to your favourite Rum cocktails, with its Signature Serve The B Rum Runner.

ABV: 40%

Volume: 5cl