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Because it is always 6 o'clock somewhere in the world...


Say hello to our all new ‘Gin of The Month’ for April… 6 o’clock Gin from Bramley & Gage.

Much like us, Bramley & Gage are a small family run business! Their focus is on making high quality, great tasting spirits, gins and liqueurs. The business was founded in Edward Bramley-Kain and Penelope Gage’s South Devonshire kitchen making fruit liqueurs from home grown farm produce. Thirty years on and the business is now run by their children from a new site in Gloucestershire which is also the birth place of the amazing 6 O’clock Gin…

6 O'clock Gin is a premium London Dry Gin with a smooth juniper flavour and fine balance of botanicals including coriander, orange peel, orris root, angelica, winter savory, juniper and elderflower. The smoothness is not only testament to Bramley & Gage’s distilling craft and botanical harmony but also their unique still ‘Kathleen’, a 200L carbon neutral solar powered copper pot still with a double sphere condenser.

Sound amazing…? Well it is about to get better! Bramley & Gage have also developed their own 6 O’clock Tonic Water made from natural quinine with extracts of lemon and lime to perfectly balance the botanical beauty of 6 O’clock Gin. The two combined creates an incredibly smooth G&T boasting a zesty nose and lasting bitterness. All you need to do is add a twist of lemon peel and voila - the perfect spring time G&T!

To celebrate our new ‘Gin of the Month’ for April,  receive a complimentary bottle of 6 o’clock Tonic Water with every bottle of 6 o’clock Gin purchased from our Ironbridge Store throughout April!

Chin-chin folks!

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