Rum&Sum Raspberry & Crushed Mint

  • £29.95

Produced in a LOCAL distillery in Much Wenlock, Shropshire.This is a premium flavoured rum spirit like no other.

Our unique fermentation and distillation methods produce a high quality, smooth spirit with just a hint of natural sweetness and no added sugar. Offering a refreshing combination of ripe raspberry and a delicate hint of crushed mint, the absence of artificial sugars allows the authentic flavours to shine through, providing a genuine and balanced taste experience like no other.

 Perfect for drinks paired with light mixers such as Tonic or Lemonade as an alternative to your Gin and Tonic,  or as a base to create your own summer cocktails at home such as Raspberry Mojitos or Daiquiris.

 Why not try….50ml Rum&Sum, muddle together a handful of raspberries and a slice of lime, top up with Tonic and plenty of ice.

'Keeping it LOCAL'

ABV: 35%

Volume: 70cl